Industriall Eldorado

Success Story

Understand what is Kappa: The most important variable in the pulp production process.

Learn about the benefits of predicting Kappa number using Artificial Intelligence.

Understand how the future of the industry can be with the use of Artificial Intelligence in its processes.

Marcelo Martins
Marcelo MartinsEldorado General Manager
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"Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, all that part of it, it's a path of no return."
Erick Santos
Erick SantosProcess Specialist at Eldorado
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"Kappa, in fact, is the most important unit for a pulp industry process."
Rodrigo Dal Moro
Rodrigo Dal MoroCEO of IndustriALL
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"We're really working on getting the industry into the future of technology."

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