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How to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence?

Working with Artificial Intelligence, although it seemed like a distant dream in the past, today can be an opportunity for professionals all around the world.

Back in the 50s, studies related to AI began in the USA with the aim of creating a “being” that would imitate humans and their behaviors.

Nowadays we know that artificial intelligence is able to automate many businesses, creating software capable of learning and analyzing data at an impressive speed.

If we stop to think about it, AI is already part of people’s routine, whether with apps like Netflix, Spotify, and social networks, as well as in companies and industries around the world.

The technology that exists today in companies can transform the workday into something more productive, reducing even months of work into fractions of that period.

And even if it seems that the quality of work ends up reducing, the truth is that often algorithms and machines can improve the service that would be performed by humans using much more time.

If you want to work with Artificial Intelligence, don’t be afraid that you will be replaced by machines. There is a lot of market for these professionals, especially in Brazil, which has been expanding its market since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

According to an IBM survey, in the next few years, 7 million Brazilians will need training in AI to meet the demand that will exist.

Therefore, working with AI can be a dynamic career, full of challenges and very well paid. After all, it is an area that is changing the way people and companies live in the world.

The AI ​​job market in Brazil

Brazil and Latin America as a whole do not invest as much as they should in Artificial Intelligence. In this way, many talents trained in these countries end up being absorbed by other countries that already have more developed technology.

But this reality is a great opportunity because, since 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began, about 48% of Brazilian companies have started to use some type of AI in their operations.

The reality is still very different from other more mature countries such as the United States and China, but professionals with specialized knowledge in Artificial Intelligence have space both in Brazil and worldwide.

According to a study by Stanford University, Brazil is the country that hires the most AI specialists in the world.

What are the main characteristics of an AI professional

Someone who works with AI should be interested in subjects like automation, robotics, programming, algorithms, and working with software solutions.

And to be able to study and stand out in the area it is essential to have knowledge of mathematics, technology, logic, and engineering.

If you enjoy all this and still have analytical thinking and the ability to solve problems efficiently and sustainably, a career in Artificial Intelligence is a great option.

Of course, each company may have a different requirement regarding knowledge for the position they have, but the points listed above are a good guide for those who are just starting in the area.

To work with AI, it is also important to have technical knowledge in:

  • Programming and mathematics;
  • Knowledge of languages ​​such as python, C, or C++;
  • Probability and algebra applications;
  • Big data and machine learning.

When looking for an Artificial Intelligence course, you should always be aware of the contents covered. So that you learn interesting and really useful things in the job market.

Colleges and courses that teach Artificial Intelligence

Although the technology area does not require a higher education degree, having a degree in the area will certainly be a differential for a professional entering the job market.

Many educational institutions offer postgraduate courses in AI. These are courses designed for data scientists, algorithm specialists, engineers, and other professionals interested in the area.

  • FIAP is an example that offers an MBA in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
  • USP offers the course Artificial Intelligence in Health: the use of machine learning in health for free.
  • Digital House is a digital skills school that has an Artificial Intelligence course as well.
  • Google offers free material on Machine Learning, with practical examples.
  • MIT offers a free, 100% English, introductory course to artificial intelligence.

Positions and salaries for AI professionals

Professionals from different backgrounds can work with Artificial Intelligence. There is no need for formal academic training, but a degree will add value to the professional.

Within companies, some positions that can be occupied to work with AI are:

  • Data architect

The average salary is BRL 9,350 per month.

  • Machine Learning Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers

The average salary is BRL 7,338 per month.

  • Data scientists

The average salary is BRL 6,769.46 per month.

  • Software developers and systems developers

The average salary is BRL 4,436 per month.

In addition to these professionals, surgical technicians, health professionals, military and aviation specialists, graphic designers, entertainment producers and architects, and teachers, in general, can also work with AI.

As you can see, working with AI is possible, as long as you meet certain characteristics and are open to learning new things on a daily basis.

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