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Have you heard of the concept “Industrial AI”?

The concept of Industrial AI, also known as Industrial Artificial Intelligence is the application of Artificial Intelligence in industry. Some of the main uses of Industrial Artificial Intelligence are goods movement, supply chain management, advanced data analytics, manufacturing automation, and also robotics applied to industry.

This special concept for Artificial Intelligence in the industry exists because the focus is not so much on developing systems that mimic humans, but the application of AI in industrial everyday processes.

Using Artificial Intelligence in the industry is especially important because there is a lot of data being generated all the time with the systems automation. And the only way to deal with all this volume of data is through Industrial AI solutions.

In addition, by using Industrial Artificial Intelligence, industries can have more efficiency in their processes. They are also able to better deal with uncertainties in the data and make real-time changes whenever necessary. And with that, always be optimizing the production process.

Artificial Intelligence in Industries

Usually what people think of when relating Artificial Intelligence to the industry are 100% automated production lines. Robots replacing humans and making complex decisions all the time.

In real life, applications of Artificial Intelligence in industries are different, but their result is essential for the industries. With the possibilities of Industrial Artificial Intelligence, businesses become more competitive, productivity increases, and costs are reduced.

An example of Industrial Artificial Intelligence is the use of drones in agriculture to collect and process important information for planting crops. Another example of Industrial AI is the use of smart cars, which are autonomous and facilitate transportation.

Finally, a great example of Industrial Artificial Intelligence is in the steel industry. IndustriALL works with this type of industry, and with Artificial Intelligence it is possible to predict whether an oven will present stickers or not.

Critical Events in the Steel Industry

The sticker problem is a critical event and happens when there is difficulty or even if it is not possible to remove the coke from the oven.

This problem occurs when the plunger inside the oven cannot act effectively. Consequently, the coke ends up fixed on the walls of the oven, which prevents its extraction.

When the sticker problem is in place, there is a large energy expenditure by the piston that is trying to perform its function. In addition, a very high electrical current ends up being formed, and this harms the entire steelmaking process.

In order to avoid all these problems, Artificial Intelligence can be used. What happens is that past data is used to predict when events will happen through Artificial Intelligence.

And the most important thing is that this identification happens in time so that the problem is not confirmed and results in loss of material for the industry.

Industrial Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems

The industry is a sector that has several complex problems, and these can be solved using Artificial Intelligence. This type of problem includes those with a high degree of uncertainty and also very large volumes of data that need to be processed at once.

In addition to mathematical problems, it is also possible to use Industrial Artificial Intelligence to optimize the production process. Optimize maintenance resources, and understand the best order of production in an industrial plant, among others.

It is important to understand, however, that the Artificial Intelligence available today is not ubiquitous and omniscient. Therefore, it is necessary to use it for more restricted and specific applications, to solve also specific issues.

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence in industries

More safety in the work environment

Unlike humans, machines can withstand extreme work situations. Extremely hot, cold, difficult-to-access sites, chemical or explosives management environments can be easily accessed by the machines. These machines become more autonomous through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Sensors connected to systems and Artificial Intelligence can also assist with security alerts. In this sense, maintenance can be carried out preventively, without having to stop the entire production process. Or worse, wait for a failure that will require a technical visit and/or replacement of expensive parts.

Higher productivity and lower cost

The data collected in real-time through Industrial AI can be very useful for making decisions in industries. In this way, the production processes become more agile and productive.

This is one of the benefits that most justifies the investment in systems to modernize industries using Artificial Intelligence.

To complement the increase in productivity, operating costs also decrease. Both because problems and waste are avoided, as well as the consumption of raw materials and electricity becomes smarter.

Better quality of products and services

As a result of fewer errors, problems, and waste, the quality of products and services provided by industries increases.

In addition, with correct and reliable data, it is possible to seek improvements in processes and always be improving quality. In an increasingly demanding and agile reality, this benefit is very important for industries.

More qualified professionals

For Artificial Intelligence to be well used in production processes, systems must be well organized and optimized. However, in addition to machines, the people working on the strategy and operation of companies need to be trained for this new way of working.

Initially, this training step can be expensive, but in a short period, the investment of time and money proves to be effective. After all, it is the people behind the production processes who will be able to increasingly improve the way products are made and the services provided.

Scheduled and preventive maintenance

With Industrial Artificial Intelligence, patterns can be identified by machines. Thus, when an indicator is out of its standard, the equipment itself can identify the need for an intervention.

In this way, preventive or emergency maintenance is carried out easily. For the industry’s maintenance department, this automation makes the intervention process simpler, and also more assertive.

More reliable data analytics

Data is indispensable in the world today, being collected in real-time by industries during the production process.

With Artificial Intelligence, these can be reliably processed so that changes and improvements are made whenever possible.

Artificial Intelligence used in practice

As it was possible to understand during the article, Industrial Artificial Intelligence is the technology being used in the industrial environment.

Much more than autonomous robots performing all the activities in industry, Artificial Intelligence can be used for practical applications in everyday industrial processes.

As a result, industries are more competitive, with more reliable processes and constant data analysis performed for better decision-making.

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