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Cloud Security: Facts and Myths involved

With the growing data collection of industry 4.0, and connecting multiple systems online, there has also been a growing need for effective protection of all of it. In this sense comes the term cloud security. Cloud security is actually part of one of the industry 4.0 pillars called cloud computing.

Precisely for all this revolution that is happening in industries around the world, we need to pay attention to the security involved. After all, data is today an essential asset for any business and its protection must be a priority.

From all this movement, several cloud security solutions arise, and many questions as well. After all, is it safe to store my data in a cloud rather than a physical server?

In addition, questions such as “what are the risks involved?”, “how much does it cost to do all this?”, among others, are very common.

With that in mind, and to help you ensure data protection and cloud security in your industry, we’ll explain some important information about it in this article.

Introduction to the Cloud Security Concept

But before explaining the concept of cloud security, you need to understand what Cloud Computing is. This is a technology that uses large-scale internet connectivity to store the most varied resources.

Generally speaking, in the context of industry 4.0, we see a huge concern to innovate and always have the latest technology in the production. However, ensuring the safe storage of all this data is very important as well.

Thus, the great advantage of cloud computing is that it allows remote access to information. By doing it, industries become more agile and strategic, without physical barriers to information access.

How to ensure cloud security?

Once you better understand the concept of cloud computing, the first question that arises is how to protect information.

As this is a new reality for industries, many myths still exist and we will clarify them below.

In general, in order to provide cloud security, companies must create barriers to data access. This can happen through passwords, information encryption, constant backups, among others.

The importance of ensuring Cloud Security

As you have already noticed, there is a whole new way of thinking about data in industry 4.0. Because of the use of cloud computing, it is essential to protect this data from threats.

As companies increasingly worry about cloud security, hackers and viruses are developing as well. Therefore, investing in quality solutions for cloud security is crucial.

In that sense, even though threats seem far from affecting your company, cyber attacks happen much more often than we think.

Possible Cloud Computing Threats

For you to understand the threats that exist, let’s name the main ones here. However, be aware that even if there are threats to cloud computing, the use of this technology is inevitable today.

Thus, companies that delay migration to cloud storage for fear of the risks involved, end up damaging their processes in other aspects. The main ones are related to productivity, process improvement, and operational agility.

Data Loss or Leakage of information

As we mentioned above, this is one of the major threats that exist. After all, important and often confidential data is stored by companies. Some examples are credit card details, address, telephone number, among others. In order to remain a trusted business with customers, cloud security must be ensured.

Account theft

The second threat is when hackers steal user accounts. Be it an email account, company system access, or any other. With this type of attack, the attacker can handle transactions and even stop a whole industry, for example.

Lack of contractual information

When hiring a cloud security service, you must ensure all rights and duties of all contracting parties. And we place this as a threat despite it may seem a simple detail. But in fact, ensuring cloud security involves many small points as well.

5 Cloud Security Myths

It is natural that new technologies make people doubt about different aspects. And as a consequence, myths begin to emerge as well. Because of that, we will discuss 5 myths about cloud security, to solve the biggest questions on the subject.

1. Cloud is not secure

This is probably the biggest myth about cloud security. And it happens for one main reason: people who are not directly related to the virtual world tend to believe that data stored in a location is not physical are insecure.

However, the fact here is exactly the opposite. Thus, the key to ensuring cloud security is to define restricted access to information and constant monitoring of all processes. In addition, physical storage is vulnerable to natural disasters.

In this sense, with industry 4.0, cloud security has been a focus of technology development. And for these reasons, it is possible to rely on cloud computing.

2. The cloud is an easier target for attacks

The second myth is that “available” data in the cloud becomes easier targets for attacks. In fact, when a company loses direct control over its own data, this situation gets stronger.

However, what happens is that by hiring a third party to perform this protection, there is even more assurance that the data will be safe. And that’s where the need to hire qualified, serious companies that really commit to the work they offer is needed.

After all, it’s no use paying for a cheap system that has few layers of data protection. Ideally, one should research and find a solution that fits the budget, but also has high quality.

3. After migrating data to cloud the effort is over

We feel that this is another big myth when it comes to cloud security. In real life, companies need to be always working hard to stay competitive in the marketplace. The same is true with cloud security. After all, we need to keep the barriers constantly improving.

Only in this way is it possible to fight against the threats that arise and evolve all the time. Therefore, ideally, in addition to migrating and building data defenses, the entire company culture needs to be in line with this new reality.

4. Everything is exposed on the Internet

With the false impression that life on the Internet is only sharing photos on social media, this myth comes to life and people are afraid to trust the networks.

In fact, companies need to understand that their data is not available for anyone to access. Just as your email needs a specific password to be accessed, so do databases.

Therefore, to make confidential information access more restricted is very important. This way, with a clear view of who can access and share each information, cloud security is enhanced.

5. Companies must hire a team of Cloud Security experts

To end the top 5 cloud security myths, we have the misconception that companies need to have the best experts in cloud security as employees.

On the contrary, by hiring a cloud security service, you are also hiring the work of these experts.

So this is a big myth that shouldn’t be a problem when migrating data storage to the cloud.


In this article, we aimed to give examples and make it less complicated to understand the concepts involved in cloud computing. It included the understanding of simple aspects such as the real importance of cloud security and the threats that can happen.

In fact, cloud computing still raises many questions, but as you study the subject you understand that this migration is inevitable and is indeed safe.

If you already use cloud computing and have cloud security policies, share your experiences in the comments section below.

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